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Tulum Spanish Language School

Our school in Tulum is named "SAAMAL", which is the Mayan word for tomorrow. We believe Spanish is the language of tomorrow because its not only one of the most spoken languages in the world today, but also its probably the fastest growing language and Latin America, as a region, is experiencing important economic growth.

Our school is an excellent option if you compare value for money. We guarantee you will have the highest quality of Spanish teachers during your stay. As opposed to other schools, we only hire teachers who hold a degree in languages or a related area and who have the capacity to motivate students to learn, because its not only about the knowledge but also about how it can be passed to other people!

Saamal Spanish school is located in downtown Tulum, waking distance from the main avenue and near shops, restaurants and entertainment hot spots. Tulum beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located about 10 minutes by collective bus!

We teach 6 different levels of Spanish. On day one, students are equested to take a simple placement examination, no more than 20 minutes long, to determine their level and place students of the same level together. After completing each course, students receive a certificate of completion. We also offer free wifi, free coffee and water.

Students receive a certificate after completing each course. For students requiring US college credit or German accreditation we also issue specific resports according to school needs.

Tulum is also an extremely safe place and its very easy to move around. Most tourists move by bike but if not, transportation is very cheap and convenient and most places are walking distance.