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Saamal Spanish School Activities in Tulum

With so many options and things happening around Tulum its difficult to describe in one page what our school offers for activities, but amongs the top options that we arrange each week are the following:

- Visit to Tulum ruins: Tulum ruins as we mentioned, are located in the shores of the Caribbean ocean and are also recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Have you ever imagine, not only a blue colors ocean but also ruins there? Well this is Tulm beach.

- Yoga and meditation lessons: Tulum is one of the top destinations for Yoga and meditation not only because of its location (it was an important center for the Mayans), but also because of its chilled hassle free atmosphere.

- Cenote visits: Cenotes are underwater caves with crystaline pure water where hundreds of years ago the Mayans used to relax and celebrate ritals. Some of them even have skulls in their depths! Cenotes are ideal for relaxing or snorkelling.

- Visits to Koba and Sian Kaan: Koba is one of te most important Mayan ruins, because these ruins are spread over the jungle and within easy reach. Sian Kaan is a natural reserve located nearby as well in fact it has its doors in Tulum and is ideal for visiting animals in their natural habitat, like dolphins and turtles.

- Snokelling and diving are also popular

- Kite surfinf is a very popular activity in the area of Tulum

- Full moon parties: Tulum hosts full moon parties with the tp DJs every month! Ideal chance to have fun while learning Spanish.